WTF is Zen & how it can help you

On my first search for the meaning of zen, I found this nice a boring description. Zen is a Japanese school of¬†Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures. Ok, I guess I am done here, so goodbye. No, of course, I am not going to... Continue Reading →


Are you doing what you love?

I feel this is a question everyone needs to ask them self and be able to accept the answer for good or for bad. Most people if you as them this they say start saying On paper, I am doing well I enjoy what I am doing I enjoy my lifestyle or the money it... Continue Reading →

Find your study

I watched a great compilation of motivational and inspiring speeches and halfway through one said spend an hour a day studying your choicen feild and in 5 years you will become a master. I heard this and tears filled my eyes, my heart started thumping and a rush of emotions filled me. These words filled... Continue Reading →

My new morning routine

Since I am a creature of habit, usually bad ones I thought I would start a new morning routine. Help kick me out of that laziness I have in the morning. Today was the first try and. I. Succeeded.¬†Huzzah for me. I was going to get up and do yoga the minute I get out... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my world

Hello everyone and welcome. I am here to share my journey with all of you. "Why would you do that?" What a grand question. Well, I am going through a wee bit of a change in my life, I want to be a healthier, calmer and overall a better person. I find sharing your experiences... Continue Reading →

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