Do social justice warriors ruin causes?

This was a question that came up in conversion between me and a few friends since we see ourself as rather progressive people. My thoughts are everyone should be given the chance to be the best possible person they can be.

We came to a realization that most SJW are actually harming the causes that they say they are fighting for. I know this sounds a bit daft, but let’s take a step back and figure why they are making their cause’s laughable.

I find that most SJW aren’t actually part of the community of the people they are meant to be fighting for, they are just there to fight against something, now that is the real problem. To want to protest for protest sake’s really takes away from what you are actually standing from, this then leads to a mob mentality which degenerates into fucking madness. This also causes the use of dialogue of ideas to go right out of the window, it always falls into the camp of I am right and you are fucking wrong. If you disagree with anything I say then you are racist, sexist or whatever they want to call you.

The other big problem with SJW is belief. Yes, they believe in whatever they are screaming, but this total belief in what they think they know means if any information comes out. No, if any facts, come out that proves them wrong. They will just simply ignore them because to believe in something means you feel like an idiot to get told you were wrong.

This all goes back to dialogue, they won’t have dialogue cause there is always a chance to be proven wrong. I know that by listening to each other, not just one side is the way to getting to understand each other. This will, in turn, lead to new ideas and real change that will be good for everyone.

I understand we can all get passionate about causes we believe in, I have done it and it took a lot for me to admit that some of the information I held as truth, was wrong. We need to be a lot more open and willing to really learn the facts of a situation before, we blindly blame people. We also need to be big enough to actually listen to people and not just scream them down because we don’t agree with them.

I am not one for posting about people like this, I am very much about moving forward to becoming a happy fuck chap, but I felt we all need to learn to step back really figure things out before jumping in on things.

Wow first real post in a while and it got heavy as fuck,


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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your little rant. Hope you’ll forgive me for calling it that ;0)
    I once presented a question to a discussion group I used to be a part of. The question was, “What is belief?”
    Well, everyone thought it was a really good topic, so they set to trying to answer the question. The biggest problem I had was keeping them on topic?! Everyone kept veering off into talking about their own personal belief or beliefs. So we didn’t get anywhere near working out what belief actually was. I wondered if questioning the whole concept was somehow too threatening to each individuals view of their own reality.
    It seems to me to be a rather entrenched, and sometimes very damaging, human trait. So why is it that so many apparently rational thinkers, (scientists for example), insist on holding on to some form of belief and allowing it to inform their thinking and decision making?

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    1. First off. Thank you for reading my post and leaving your comment. It’s really nice to hear from people 🙂

      So. My take on what belief is, hmm. It’s a tricky one, I find trying to define it may have me chasing my own tail. But I shall do my best to.

      In its simplest form, it is a mind set, but a very fickle mindset. Usually we create something to believe in so that it backs what we want. I would say for me that is what belief is.

      For your question about rational thinkers. I think what happens with them, is they spend there life dealing with facts and they end up no realising how much belief is actually seeping into their work. Imagine the scenario. You worked your whole life to in a field and then boom one descovery comes out or new information that proves everything you studied was false or not the way you thought. Fuck that is a hard pill to swallow. Which is probably why they hold on to their belief that they are right.

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  2. I guess I’m thinking about humanities apparent need for belief. I wonder about its psychological origins. Is it perhaps some form of prototype thinking that grew alongside our developing consciousness; may have even been necessary to developing consciousness. Many animals react instinctively with fear when encountering a snake; even though it may not be a threat to them. Is this reaction a result of a primitive thought process, ie, belief, that simply has not moved on to rational thinking?

    My own description of belief is that it is the, individuals aware or unaware choice, to substitute non thinking for thinking.

    By the way; really sorry for not addressing the question, regarding SJW’s, in your original post at all, LoL! :0D

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