I haven’t really been keeping this going and have been a hell of a lazy shit, I keep running into the excuse of I am working, so I am allowed to sit and do nothing. What a fucking shit excuse right. I started realising I spend a lot of time in my bed and sleeping. I mean I will actually sleep all day. This is a sign of things ain’t going well. Me realising this is a good start. I need to take small steps to change these aspects of my life, which in turn will help make this blog the best blog I can possibly make it.

Now we have that depressing shit out the way, I do have some things I want to do with this blog. I want to bring a wee bit of my love of science into the blog same with my love of movies and stuff.

I have let myself down since this place is a big reflection on who I am. I will be working on doing much better and fucking smashing it!


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