Oh the distractions and excuses

I have been banging on about chasing dreams, doing what you love and living your life with a bit of god damn passion. Yet I can’t follow my own bloody advice, strange that, when you don’t do what you know you should be doing. I found myself saying to myself I will do this or that later. There is the problem right there. Later. That one word may as well mean I am not going to do it but pretend that I am. I have found myself saying this more times than not.

I find myself easily distracted and making shit excuses for not doing what I feel like I should be. I will come home from work, a bit pissed of and tired, but instead of pushing through and doing what I really should be doing, like exercising, blogging or even just getting my thoughts down in my journal. I find myself turning off and sitting watching telly or playing the PS4 with the excuse that I had a meh day at work.

I find I do this so much, like today I wasn’t going do anything, I was going to laze about and watch movies, which isn’t a bad thing but it was the amount of stuff that I could be doing instead of just sitting on my arse. Like this, for start.

I want to one day, make a career out of informing, helping and entertaining people, so to do that I must dedicate myself to actually doing that. Which means I must sacrifice my daft concept of cause I work in a “real” job means I can do nothing in my down time. Which is fucking ridiculous when you think about it. It is that attitude that ends up having us being bloody miserable.

Oh what a little rant, I want to be more engaged with my life here, fuck if I can’t use my advice to help myself how can I expect anyone else to believe a damn thing I say.

“If I only exercised when I felt like it I would be fat as fuck.”

Joe Rogan

featured image from https://unsplash.com 


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