Purpose Vs purposelessness (wow what a mouthful)

I was recently listening to an old Alan Watts lecture where he spoke about purposelessness and he put it beautifully. “A flower doesn’t need a purpose to bloom, it just does.” Paraphrasing a wee tad there. Now I get the point of this. It is very zen, you find the meaning in the doing not the end result. At least that’s how I take it. 

Can you feel that, that looming force. It’s coming , oh dear God it’s coming! 

BUT, I find with the way people’s minds are now a days, mines included, to follow such a path wouldn’t work. We are all bogged down with these nagging thoughts of why am I here ? Where is the point? What’s my purpose ? Am I doing enough ? The list goes on. To take away your idea of purpose, I think would shut us down. You see most of our life is actually living with out purpose and we do just do things we love for doing sakes. These things never take focus since they are things we use to distract from the shit of life.

So go find your purpose in life. The end. Nope! I think spending your life looking for your purpose is fucking idiotic. You do just go out and find purpose. Even though that’s what we all want. Wow things took a bad turn. So don’t look for purpose or live a purposelessness life like a flower blooming. What is left ? 

Passion! passion is the answer to this debate and it’s too simple that people don’t figure it out. Find something you are passionate about and go for it. You see your passion will create your purpose with out you even knowing. You will be living like that flower in bloom. Living for doing what you love. Not thinking of “ohh is this my purpose in life.” But that purpose will be there, helping you. Driving you. That silent partner. 

If you live a life full of passion for what you do, it will push you to purpose and inturn keep the fires of passion stoked. 

Go find your passion and make it your life.


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