We are allowed to feel negative emotions. 

I am usually in the camp of be positive and let things wash off your back. Things aren’t usually that bad, but I find too many people use this as an excuse not to feel their other emotions, come on guys we are the sum of all our emotions not just the good one. 

If you feel angry then be angry, if you feel sad then be sad. It is actually a good thing. To hide them away, will usually end up with a lovely volcano moment where days, weeks, months my god even years worth of built up negative emotions will come pouring out. This is something we don’t want. I bet the realise of them would be amazing though. The biggest weight off your shoulders. 

I realised this a few days ago. I was feeling really down about a few things and instead of giving it the whole, I shouldn’t be sad. Get over it and just be happy. I instead went “awk fuck it” and had a wee cry. It was very emotional for me and I felt a deep sadness wash over me. Don’t worry there is a but coming. Right now enfact, but once I was done. I felt great. I let out all of those emotions and that weight of those problems had been lifted. I now could tackle the problems with a more levels head. 

If you need to cry then cry, if you need to scream then scream. There is nothing wrong with feeling the negative emotions! Just get them out and move on from them. 


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