Find your study

I watched a great compilation of motivational and inspiring speeches and halfway through one said

spend an hour a day studying your choicen feild and in 5 years you will become a master.

I heard this and tears filled my eyes, my heart started thumping and a rush of emotions filled me. These words filled me with hope, filled me with faith in myself. We can all become masters of what every the fuck we want. What we must learn is that there is no easy road to becoming a master, we must let go of all self-doubt and excuses for not doing it. Realise that you are going to fail sometimes but you must have faith that shit will be ok even if you fall. And what do you do when you fall? Get your arse back up and keep plodding away.

Find what you love and make it your study, doesn’t matter what the fuck it is, whether it be getting fitter to learning a new skill just take those first steps and becoming bloody marvelous.


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