My new morning routine

Since I am a creature of habit, usually bad ones I thought I would start a new morning routine. Help kick me out of that laziness I have in the morning. Today was the first try and. I. Succeeded. Huzzah for me.

I was going to get up and do yoga the minute I get out of bed, but my gosh I am not there yet. Soon though. So enough rambling on and let’s get my morning routine down shall we?

The magical routine of awesomeness

  1. coffee. Since I can’t function without one.
  2. half hour yoga session. Something nice a light. Don’t want to start my day with me being fudged.
  3. Breakfast. The most important blah blah blah, just eat a breakfast.
  4. Shower. Get myself so fresh and so clean clean.
  5. Finally a meditation. No set time since I am just getting back into it.

See such a simple routine but this can have drastic effects on a day. I find the days I lazy about in the morning, the rest of the day ends up the same. Just that small bit of moment makes a hell of a difference. I always find creating a new routine is a grand way to break old habits. Instead of trying to get rid of bad habits. Over right them with new better ones.

Quick note, if you are interested in yoga, go over to youtube and check out Sean Vigue Fitness brilliant yoga from beginners to advanced. Well worth a try.


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