Rockin’ a new job, but gave me perspective

I started a new job this week after a good few weeks of unemployment which isn’t as chilled as you may expect. The boredom drew me to shit food and being a lazy poo. I have a huge thank you to give to my new employers for getting me off my arse, which in turn as got me wanting to get more active and all that other stuff I spoke about in my first post.

BUT! oh we didn’t see that coming, I never caught that excitement I usual catch when starting a new job, I am just pretty laid back about it all. This may sound like a bad thing and that I am happy with it. It’s not though, honest. I enjoy the job and can do it well, but what it has done for me is made me realise how much I have no clue what my dream. At 27 years old I am feeling I need to figure this out now before I settle for mediocrity and become bitter.

The new job is really going to help me with this for a couple of reasons, first off having some income does help with chasing dreams. If you can do it without, then bravo to you. But we all have to admit a wee bit of money helps. Secondly, the job gets me out the house and stops me being lazy. I don’t want to sit about on my arse on my days off anymore. I want to work out, expand my mind and generally get out there.

A new beginning has begun but not in the way I first thought. Time to rock the job and chase that dream that I can’t see just yet.


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